Only The Best …. For You”

With over 40 years of experience in the hospitality
industry, SHANO, INC. a Woman Owned Small Business provides a range of services for some of the most reputable agencies, companies and branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Our Promise

My Dear Friends

It is a true honor and privilege to be of service YOU and our clients in government, nonprofits, trade associations and the private sector. We are particularly humbled by our decades of service to our U.S. Armed Forces, providing the best hotel accommodations and event planning solutions nationwide at the lowest cost to our military and federal agencies.

As a Woman Owned Small Business, is over 40 years of industry experience, it is impossible not to think of service. That sentiment is espoused in our slogan, “Only the Best for You.”

Let us know how we can be useful to your needs; we LOVE to Help & Serve.  I remain.

Very Faithfully,

Shano B. Kapadia
President & Founder

We are experts in securing the best rates for conference planning and lodging for short and long-term stay.

Core Capabilities

Secure Lowest Technically accepted than Government Per Diem for Lodging for Long and Short Term Housing

Assist in Conference Planning and Logistics

Arrange Technology, and AV Requirements

Arrange Food and Beverage/catering Services

Provide Multiple Proposals for the Client

Perform Site Inspections at No Cost – with guarantee booking

Housing for Military – Federal Government

Provide Expertise on Hotel Location and Amenities

Sign and Confirm Contracts with Hotel/Venue Selected After Negotiations

Negotiate Terms and Conditions Based on Complex Requirements

Maintain Communications with the Client Until Expectations are met

Secure Additional Preferential Rates and Services for Guests (Parking, Complimentary Breakfast, Additional Meeting Space)

What Client Say

From company executives to the Office of the First Lady of the United States, SHANO, INC. has continually been recognized in the hospitality industry. 

"Your offer of assistance is yet another example of the kind of enthusiasm the First Lady believes our country needs right now, and she sends her sincere appreciation".

The Office of the First Lady The Office of the First Lady

"Thanks again for helping us keep our military families strong".

Chaplain Dennis A. Saucier The Department of the Navy

In regards to the Quarterly Meeting, Lodging was impeccable and your service was even better. I’m sure others will echo my sentiments when I say; you provided exceptional service and was a key asset to our conference experience. As a result we look forward to working with you in the future".

Anthony Simpson National Council on Disability

"You are always extremely responsive which makes my job a lot easier so I appreciate it".

Cpt. Derek T. Meilinger, USPFO NC. The Department of the Army

"Thank you so much. You have made this task and process so very easy and worry-free. I am very grateful for all your assistance and professionalism. This is such a positive and excellent experience!"

Erick Kurkowski, Bureau of Land Management The Department of Interior

"We can't thank you enough for all the generosity and kindness you extend to us. Thanks again for locating the wonderful accommodations. Your customer service is truly outstanding. Thanks to your great negotiating and customer service skills".

Carolyn Seldon American Red Cross

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